MicroSystems Technology Centre (MSTC) 微型系統科技中心
MicroSystems Technology Centre (MSTC) 微型系統科技中心
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In response to the increasing product miniaturization and the corresponding needs for micro/miniature parts, the ability to manufacture highly complex, 3-dimensional micro-parts in high volume at much cheaper cost by micro injection molding technique has been a subject of investigation and research over the last decade. Recognizing this trend and supported by the ITF, the ISE department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has in early 2004 set up a Microsystems Technology Centre (MSTC) to investigate and develop advanced micro molding technologies of benefits to the local industry. MSTC is a member of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre of the ISE Department that offers a wide range of services and end-to-end solutions to the local manufacturing industry.


The Micro Molding Interest Group was created by the MSTC to:
attract interests on micro molding technologies;
set up a member network and a forum for exchange of ideas and knowledge;
undertake pre-competitive R&D projects of benefits to the local industry.


Areas of interests include:
Micro injection molding machine
Micro mold design
Polymeric material
Micro inspection and measurement
Micro part handling and assembling


Target Members:
Micro components or products manufacturers
Linkage industries
Optical, electronic, telecommunication and biomedical industries


Member's Benefits:
Networking between business counterparts
Access to news and publications
Share of knowledge through seminars or workshops held
Access to Centre's facilities (at special discount)
Access to training and consultation services
Collaborations on R&D projects to the needs of industry


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Activities organized will be funded partly by the ITF and partly by the member's subscription.
For further information or to give your company a technological advantage and benefit, please contact

Matthew F.Y. Kwan
Micro Molding Interest Group
Microsystems Technology Centre
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tel: 2766 7428
Fax: 2364 6509
E-mail: mfykwan@polyu.edu.hk